!! Suitable For Student !! 6pcs Soldering Iron Kit PK-916 Proskit w/plug


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– The set comes with a soldering iron, a spare soldering tip, a desoldering pump, solder wire, stand and rosin oil, which meets all your soldering work needs.
– User-friendly, Ergonomic design with compact size provides user comfort.
– Safe and Durable. 40W Soldering Iron with long life soldering tip, wire sheath ensures product quality and user safety. Solder wire packed with plastic tube prevents moisture and dirt



Soldering Iron: 30W, 220V-240V, 460℃±10%, G plug
Solder Flux: Rosin oil,Φ46*20mm, 20g
Solder Wire: Ø 0.8mm, 30% Sn, about 10g
Desoldering Pump: Suction power 30cm.Hg
Soldering Tips: Ø 4.5mmx60mm C type, Ø 4.5mmx70mm B type (R0.5mm) on the soldering iron

Included Selamat Plug Top 1pcs.

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