Proskit 3 5/6 Digital Multimeter MT-1280


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DC V: 600mV/6V/60V/600V (±0.5%+3d), 1000v ±(0.8%+10d)
AC V: 6V/60v/600v ±(0.8%+5d), 750v ±(1.2%+10d), Frequency response: (40~1000) Hz True RMS
DC A: 200μA/20mA ±(0.8%+10d), 200mA ±(1.2%+8d), 20A ±(2.0%+5d)
AC A: 20mA ±(1.0%+5d), 200mA ±(2.0%+5d), 20A ±(3.0%+10d)
Resistance: 200Ω ±(0.8%+5d), 2K/20K/200KΩ ±(0.8%+3d), 20MΩ ±(1.0%+25d),
200MΩ ±[5.0%(rdg-10) +10d]
Capacitance: 20nF ±(2.5%+20d), 20uF ±(2.5%+20d), 200μF ±(5.0%+20d)
Temperature: -20°C~400°C±(1.0%+5d), 400°C~1000°C±(1.5%+15d)
Continuity with beeper: Yes
Transistor test: Yes
Diode test: Yes
Battery: 9v 6F22 ( excluded)
Size: 182×90×46mm
Individual packing: Colour Box

– 1M drop protection
– 3 5/6 digits 5999 counts
– 0.5% best accuracy.
– CAT III 1000V safety rated.
– AC True-RMS for accurate measurements.
– Large capacitance test to 2000uf.
– Large backlit LCD display for easy reading.
– Extra functions:NCV detection, °C/°F test, Continuity with beeper, Diode test, Transistor test, Data hold, Auto power off, Low battery indication, LED indicator
– Ideal for a wide variety of electrical and electronic testing.

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